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A large, tightly knit community of believers seeking to serve Jesus Christ.

Women Serving the Lord

Godly Gals™ is an idea that was born in the hearts of two girls who met as pen pals through Brio Magazine. Here is a place for women to gather together and support each other in prayer, share Bible verses and testimonies, and further the kingdom of God. We'd be very glad to have you join us!

Lots is going on over at the boards! Please go join! GodlyGals boards It is an active community with over 800 members.

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GODLYGALS.COM! A blog for Christian women featuring monthly articles focusing on different issues relevant to Christian life, book, movie, and music reviews, and much, much more!

Much love,
Elizabeth (watching_ships) & Jolene (joleneybean)

The same rules that we have at the GG boards apply here on LJ. You can read them here: http://www.godlygals.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=475
This is our Statement of Faith: http://www.godlygals.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11
Any posts or comments that break any of the rules outlined in the GG rules may be deleted at any time.
Any posts or comments deemed inappropriate for this community by a moderator may be deleted at any time.


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