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Changes in leadership

Ladies, the leaders at GodlyGals are asking that you pray about the leadership and upcoming changes. Please pray that God would open hearts and bring people to the ministry to lead, serve, and carry GG to where it is going.

Also, because of upcoming changes we are hoping that some of you will come to us if you feel God placing it on your heart to serve at GG in a new capacity. Please remain in prayer about this and we will be sharing more news soon.

Thank you!

Thank you all who prayed for my friend Lukas! Since Monday he is back home from the hospital. He has to rest and recover for some time, but he is conscious, he can eat and walk and laugh - a real miracle comparing to what he was like three weeks ago.
God be praised - and thank you all for being the part of the miracle! Your prayers have made difference.
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Prayer Request

Please, pray for my 19 years old friend Lukas. Right now he is in ICU with brain fever and he is in serious condition. Our church goes on 24 hrs prayer watch for him tonight and we will be very thankful for anyone who joins us in prayers.

New Member

Hey Everyone,
I'm a brand new member as of tonight, I was looking for a community because I could use a place to come for prayer and accountability. I am a preachers kid, and grew up in the church and sometimes it's so hard to keep the fire burning. I've been really struggling, but I love God and I don't want to go back in the same old cycle of fading and revival. 

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Is there a word that describes Jesus' relationship with Mary? I need a word that encompasses not only the maternal/filial aspect of their relationship, but also the fact that she worshipped him. I know Catholicism emphasizes their relationship more than Protestant Christianity -- can anyone think of something that relates to what I'm talking about?

"The Cross"

There's a movie coming out this weekend only in certain theaters, as most Christian movies do, and it's called "The Cross"

Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up. It's about Arthur Blessitt, who has carried a 12 foot wooden cross on his back . . . all over the world, for the past 40 years. He has changed countless lives with just that one small act, representing Christ. I'm gonna try to see it if I can find it, and I hope some of you will too! :)

x-posted everywhere. sorry!!

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Hi, have a prayer request

IF you happen to read this would your please pray that if God, wills, I would conceive a son this month? My husband and I have been trying for about 6 months. We hope to have a boy, but we know there is no guarantee. Many women in the Bible asked God for sons and they were blessed by God who answered them. I would very much like to have a boy and God is very capable.

Thank you

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We've had so many new members join the community here lately -- thank you!

I just wanted to put a reminder out there that most of the activity and what I would call the main part of this community can be found at the GodlyGals Boards. I know that lately a lot of people have had questions. The GG Boards are a great place to ask them and get tons of advice and support from fellow sisters in Christ.

Also, for new Christians we have a section there especially for you. All parts of the community are open for asking questions, but this section is there for you to ask things that you may be hesitant to come forward with. No need to be afraid there!

Hope to see you all around!