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How do I hear Him again?

My name is Kai and I just joined this community a few minutes ago. I have a situation I really need help with and I will appreciate any help anyone is willing to give.

I'm not really sure how much information I need to give. This happened some time ago but it's heavy on my mind.

As I said it was some months ago. I was lying on my bed and I was thinking about a young man I know and love very much. He's in a new relationship and I was in pain because he never spoke to me anymore. We had had a chance to be together but my fear ruined it. I was thinking about them together and I started crying. But before I could really get into it I heard a voice say, "Be patient." I stopped crying immediately and this incredible sense of peace stole over me. It was the voice of God. I just knew it had to be.

I was peaceful then but I'm not now. I'm not exactly sure what He meant. I know He wants me to wait but I haven't heard from Him since. Sad to say I am not a very patient person. I have heard him before and he told me to be patient about the same situation then too. I know He is likely saying more than that but...it's like I can't hear Him anymore. Is it that I can't hear Him or is He just not giving any details?

How...how do I listen for Him?

Thank you so much for your help.
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